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What Does My Child Need to Bring?

What does my child need while at the hospital?  

It is suggested that your child bring clothing to last approximately 3-4 days.  Peninsula does not provide laundry facilities.  Patients are allowed 5 changes of clothes, 1 pair of shoes, and 1 jacket/coat. We suggest that parents mark the clothing so belongings won’t be confused or misplaced by roommates.

Clothing with messages considered offensive to others will not be allowed on the unit, including suggestive logos and clothing which does not fully cover the child.  Clothing with drawstrings, hooded shirts, hoodies, jewelry and electronics are not allowed on the unit.  Staff will determine the appropriateness of each item.  Inappropriate items will be stored and returned to your child upon discharge. 

Basic hygiene items are provided by the hospital.  Hygiene items containing a large amount of alcohol will not be permitted.  Make-up is not needed during hospitalization.  All patient belongings are searched, in order to prevent dangerous items on the unit.