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Substance Abuse Services

Peninsula offers two services for those struggling with substance abuse. Drug and alcohol treatment is available  through the programs listed below.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The mission of Peninsula IOP is to provide excellent care to adolescents, adults and families suffering from substance abuse and/or psychiatric disorders. Our providers employ a client-centered, cognitive behavioral model of treatment to assist individuals in all stages of recovery to enhance motivation by exploring and resolving ambivalence about change and teaching recovery skills. Services include group therapy, emotional health and substance abuse education groups, family education and support groups and weekly medication management. An interdisciplinary treatment team meets weekly to assess the client’s progress and needs, and to develop individualized plans of care. Clients attend treatment groups three to five times per week for approximately four to six weeks.

• Group therapy
• Family therapy
• Education groups
• Weekly medication management

Women in Treatment Program

Appropriate for women ages 18 – 64 with addiction who are uninsured or have exhausted available insurance benefits.Through educational and group therapy sessions, women have opportunities to grow in self-acceptance and explore their potential and creativity. Sessions are conducted by a master’s level clinician.