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Need Help with Substance Abuse?

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Peninsula offers multiple programs for those struggling with substance abuse. Drug and alcohol treatment is available  through the programs listed below.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Phone: (865) 970-9800

The Adult Intensive Outpatient Program at Peninsula Lighthouse is a four-to-five-day per-week program for adults age 18 and older that provides a more concentrated level of care than traditional outpatient sessions. Adult Intensive Outpatient serves individuals who need help with psychiatric or substance abuse issues that impair their daily functioning. 

Recovery Link

Phone: (865) 374- LINK (5465)

Recovery Link is designed to bridge the gap between addiction and recovery by connecting people who suffer from addiction to treatment programs. The program serves East Tennessee residents, and will assist anyone, free of charge, in finding the treatment program that is right for them.

Women in Treatment Program

Phone: (865) 970-9800

Women in Treatment is appropriate for uninsured women age 18-64 who suffer from addiction. Priority placement is given to pregnant injecting drug abusers, pregnant substance abusers and injecting drug users. The women must be uninsured or have exhausted available insurance benefits.