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Thank you for visiting Peninsula.

Peninsula does not release patient information over its website.

Medical Records

If you are inquiring to obtain copies of your medical record, specific written consent from the proper party is required to release such medical information. Federal and state regulations (such as HIPAA) protect patient information, so it is important that proper authorization is obtained.

Also please note that, in accordance with Tennessee state law, there may be a charge associated with obtaining a copy of your records and photo identification is required. To obtain specific details or answers to your questions, please contact our Health Information Management/Medical Record Department at (865) 374-5269 or by fax at (865) 374-2038.

To obtain your medical records in person you can visit Parkwest Medical Center registration check-in in the main lobby. Let them know you’re there for medical records and a clerk will assist you. Medical records office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Making An Outpatient Appointment

If you would like more information about Peninsula or would like to make an outpatient appointment, you may call (865) 970-9800 at any time.  Speaking with representatives from our call center is the only way to start the appointment process.

Additional Information

If you have a question, request or comment that does not pertain to obtaining medical records or making an appointment please fill out the form below.

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