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Care Coordination

What is care coordination?

Care Coordination connects Peninsula patients with care providers for their healthcare needs and community resources for other needs, like housing, transportation and food. To get these services, please call (865) 970-9800!

A Care Coordinator can help you get the most out of healthcare services by teaching you how to:

  • Find a doctor or specialist
  • Improve communication with your healthcare providers
  • Better understand your doctor’s advice
  • Find mental health services, like therapy, medication management, and support groups
  • Apply for housing
  • Find transportation
  • Locate information about food pantries and clothing closets
  • Live independently with in-home support
  • Find solutions for school issues and behavior problems
  • Manage your finances
  • Locate legal assistance programs
  • Understand and afford your medication
  • Apply for jobs and gain employment
  • Discover healthy ways to cope with stress and mental illness
  • Any many more!