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Featured Artist

2018 Featured Artist: Ann Nichols

Ann Nichols is a contemporary realist painter from Chattanooga who works in the medium of oil on panel. An artist since 1980, she has explored various subject matter in series, finally settling on realistic still life in 1994.

Her current series, “Split Focus,” represents a departure from the traditional still-life format. Dividing the picture plane into two unequal sections, the small detailed paintings possess a bold presence. Exotic birds, flamingos, and parrots balance delicate eggs, nests, marbles, flowers or fruit in each piece.

“After working on a rather large scale for about 20 years, I wanted to do a series of miniature paintings that resembled ‘little jewels,'” said Ms. Nichols. “I feel the brilliant colors of parrots and the iridescent jewel tones of hummingbirds convey my intention.”