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Artsclamation! Fine Arts Sale Returns to Support Mental Health Patients at Peninsula

Posted on November 28, 2022 in Peninsula

Artwork will again fill the Sacred Heart Cathedral on Dec. 3rd for the annual Artsclamation! fine arts sale benefiting Peninsula. The event, which continues to grow in popularity, will feature more than 35 artists of various mediums. Types of art that will be available include paintings, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, fiber art, glass art and 2-D mixed media. The featured artist, Inna Nasonova Knox, is an oil painter who uses a pallet knife to create  breathtaking cityscapes and landscapes. Knox’s work features many popular locations in Knoxville and Nashville, plus outdoor landscapes and other portraits. Her featured painting, Sunsphere, depicts Knoxville’s iconic Sunsphere surrounded by hydrangeas and will be for sale during the preview party on Dec. 2.

Photo of featured painting Sunsphere.
The feature painting, Sunsphere, shows the Knoxville Sunsphere surrounded by hydrangeas.

Inna Nasonova Knox in black turtleneck.

Artwork created by mental health patients in Peninsula Recovery Education Center’s therapeutic program s also will be featured at Artsclamation! Therapists in the recovery education
program work with patients to aid the emotional healing process through creative expression. Art allows patients to relax and serves as a diversion from intrusive or troubling thoughts and

Show Support for Mental Health

Artsclamation logoThirty percent of the proceeds from artists’ sales at Artsclamation! support improvements to the treatment programs and environments at Peninsula and enhance the mental health resources available to patients. Artsclamation! also raises awareness of mental health issues across East Tennessee. One in four East Tennesseans suffers from mental illness. There is a significant gap in funding for behavioral and mental health services. The funds from this event allow Peninsula to reduce that gap  and continue to provide care through effective, innovative and caring mental health services in inpatient and outpatient locations.

“Raising fund s for mental health allows us to provide additional treatment resources for our patients that would not be available otherwise,” says Liz Clary, BSN, RN, MHA, Peninsula’s
vice president of behavioral health. “These funds assist our therapists with continued education on new treatment regimens that show improved outcomes for patients, and the ability to assist with housing, medication and other basic needs that may impede our patients’ road to recovery.”

Over the last 20 years, supporters of Artsclamation! have provided over $1.7 million toward Peninsula’s mission to help people recover from mental health disorders and dependencies so they may lead healthy and productive lives. Bringing in more than $80,000 in 2021, the event has proved its popularity within the community.

Changing Lives in the Community

Offering both inpatient and outpatient services for children, adolescents and adults, Peninsula is a leader in the changing health care environment. The hospital is located in Blount County, with outpatient centers in Knox, Blount, Loudon and Sevier counties . Additionally, Peninsula offers care specifically designed for seniors with co-existing psychiatric and medical conditions at the Senior Behavioral Unit located at Parkwest Medical Center. “Peninsula’s team of therapists and clinicians are so grateful to the artists and patrons who
support this event,” says Clary. “It is energizing when the community gets together to rally around  mental health in a positive way.”
This year’s public event will be on Saturday, Dec. 3, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. And a ticketed preview party is held on Dec. 2. To learn more or purchase a ticket for the preview party, visit or call 865-531-5210.

Featured Artist: Inna Nasonova Knox

Local artist Inna Nasonova Knox has been painting since she was a child. Loving the way painting could capture time and energy, Knox would paint watercolors of cityscapes and landscapes throughout Ukraine and Russia, where she grew up. “For me, painting is like breathing or eating – I just do it,” says Knox. She sold paintings to pay her way through interior design and fashion school in Russia, gaining some notoriety for her watercolor of The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg. “I love seeing the progress while I paint,” says Knox. “The more you paint, the better you become.”

After immigrating to the United States in 2000, she worked in graphic design while also focusing on her painting. She began using new painting techniques such as oil painting and palette knife. Knox opened her studio in Lenoir City when she was ready to focus on art full time. “We have so many views that need to be different than the generic scenes you can buy in
stores,” says Knox. “I wanted local city art as an option.” Having participated in Artsclamation! for several years after hearing about it from another artist, Knox was excited to learn she would be the featured artist. “It’s exciting for me to give money towards people who need it,” says Knox. “When I learned about Peninsula and its mission, I knew it was a great organization to support. Artsclamation! is great exposure as an artist and a great way to meet people.”

Knox paints popular spots around the city, such as the Sunsphere, Gay Street and Market Square, landscapes of the Smoky Mountains and even locations in Nashville. She also does
seascapes and portraits of pets and everyday scenes. Knox’s featured piece at Artsclamation!, Sunsphere, is an oil painting that features the iconic Sunsphere in downtown Knoxville surrounded by hydrangeas. “The Sunsphere is the most unique place in Knoxville. It is very requested among my buyers, so I paint it from all points of view to capture its uniqueness,” says Knox. In addition to her featured piece, Knox will be selling a variety of cityscapes and landscapes of Knoxville at Artsclamation!. She will have multiple sizes of art available, and patrons will be able to commission customized  artwork. Excited about the new people she’ll meet, Knox hopes that when people look at her work,  they think happy thoughts.

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