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About Peninsula

Who We Are

Peninsula, a Division of Parkwest Medical Center, is a leading provider of behavioral health services for children, adolescents and adults in the Knoxville area. One in four East Tennesseans suffers from mental illness and/or addiction, which left untreated can prevent them from achieving their full potential. The amazing news is that mental illness often responds to treatment and medication therapies in life-changing ways.

Peninsula has outpatient centers conveniently located in Blount, Knox, Loudon and Sevier counties. Peninsula Lighthouse, the Knoxville campus, offers a full spectrum of outpatient services including the Recovery Education Center, Peer Support Services, Women in Treatment program, and more. Peninsula Hospital is a 155-bed inpatient psychiatric hospital in Blount County, treating children through adults. Additionally, behavioral services dedicated to senior adults who also have physical ailments are available at Parkwest Medical Center.

Because of high demand for services and decreased funding, mental healthcare budgets must function extremely efficiently to serve the people who need help most.  State budget cuts and reimbursement reductions are affecting mental healthcare, which has always operated on lean margins.  You can help. Peninsula has just one annual fundraiser, a fine art sale called Artsclamation!  If you would like to find out more about this event or how you can help support Peninsula, click here, or call the Fort Sanders Foundation at (865) 531-5210.

To learn more about Peninsula services, please call (865) 970-9800 or use the Contact Us link on this website.


Devan Johnson
Peninsula, a Division of Parkwest

Devan Johnson
President CAO
Liz Clary
VP of Behavioral Health
Scott Hamilton
VP/Chief Financial Officer
Mike Cavacos
VP/Chief Nursing Officer