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2019 Artsclamation! Was One for the Books

Posted on November 13, 2019 in Peninsula

Despite the rainy  weekend, Artsclamation! brightened the ballroom of Rothchild’s Catering in west Knoxville with beautiful art and creations from more than 40 artists. Painters, potters, jewelers, stained glass designers and other artists from across the Southeast came together to sell their works to Knoxville-area shoppers with 30 percent of each purchase benefiting the behavioral health programs of Peninsula.

The 2019 participating artists included featured artists Margaret Luttrell and Mary Saylor. Two dimensional artists were Cindy Day, Vicki Denaburg, Jan Havens, Carol Robin King, Inna Nasonova Knox, Shari Lacy, Ronald Lewis, Sharron Q. Mallison, Spears McAllester, Kate McCullough, Denise Meyers, Ann Nichols, Leila Platt, Lennie Robertson, Marcia Shelly, Robert Simon, Larry Cole, Lil Clinard, Jonathan Howe, David Swanagin, Martguerite Smith Hogan, Johnny Guthrie, Sarah Pollock, Amy Crews, Allen Monsarrat, and Soo Cha Griffith.

Three-dimensional artists were Susan Watson, Hugh Bailey, Judy Brater, Pat Clapsaddle, Joppa Mountain Pottery, Karen Dwyer, Betsy Heerdt, Charles “Chico” Osten, Laura Goff Parham, Michael Robison, Kristine Taylor, and Jessica Weiss.

Where do the proceeds go?

Funds generated through the 2019 art sale will go toward transportation vans for outpatient services.
Funds will also be used to renovate the admission lobby area at Peninsula Hospital to provide a more inviting design and to allow more privacy during patient admission and discharge. In addition, sensory stations will be incorporated into therapy groups to help participants develop coping skills and improve the patient experience.

The Key to Success

The enthusiastic Artsclamation! committee of community volunteers was key to this year’s success,
together with the wonderful volunteers who stepped up to help with sponsorships, logistics, artist selection and so much more!

Members of this year’s committee include Scott Bishop, Linda Gay Blanc, Andrea Brewer, Ralph Cianelli, Liz Clary, Rick Fox, Cheryl Fuqua, Tyler Janow, Anne Kinggard, Janice McKinley, Ann Montgomery, Mary Morris, Peter Osborne, Charles “Chico” Osten, Amanda Paletz, Jacque Prince, Christina Raman, Lennie Robertson, Missy Sanford, David Williamson, Anthony Wilson and Nancy Wilson.

Thanks to the planning committee, the participating artists and all who attended Artsclamation!

Photo collage of Arts event